How it Actually Works

Unlimited, All types of Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Much More for Sale:

Awan Trading car auctions have something for you— used car buyers, dismantlers, dealers, body shops, salvage buyers and individuals.

How can you Buy:

Buy your next car from the comfort of your own home. Win your car at an online auction, or let our proprietary software do the bidding for you.

Global Leader:

Awan Trading is a global leader in 100% online car auctions featuring used, wholesale and salvage vehicles.

After Getting Registration

Get our Membership

Select and pay between our Standard or Premium Membership.

Upload Your License

Upload a government-issued ID, security deposit and bank statement, if deposit is given in cheque.

Search and Save

Browse through thousands of vehicles auctioned every month. Sign up for alerts to get notified when a new vehicle is up for grabs.

Join Live Auctions

Join the actual Awan Trading patented virtual bidding techonology. Need it sooner? Browse our “Buy it Now” inventory.

Get it Delivered to Your Area

Order delivery, work with your own preferred transporter, or pick it up yourself at your own convenience.

Why Buy with Awan Tradings ?

Visit Before Bid

Feel free to Visit our Provided location to view a vehicle before you bid. If you want to see your favorite vehicles personaly?

We have Expansive Inventory:

Don't be bound to find what you are looking for because we do thousands of vehicles auction every month.

Great Deals For You:

Find something you love at a great price, from luxury brands to classics and much more.

Best Auction Point:

Join one of our 4 weekly auctions across the Middle East.

Our Registered Auction Platform in Action:

Let’s bid online from the comfort of your office or home. You can even bid on the go with your smart phone or tablet.

It is possible that your busy schedule of your life may prevent you from attending the live auction, but that’s okay. You can still win the vehicle by placing a pre-bid from the lot details page.


If you’re the highest bidder at the time of the live auction, our Bid4U technology will do the work for you, placing bids incrementally until you win or someone out bids you.