What to expect from us

How do we compare with other ways to sell?

Always Fair prices:

Whether you sell, buy or exchange your car, we can assure market-conform and fair prices.

A clear and Smooth process:

We offer a clear and Smooth process for all of our clients using any of our services. We will help you in every step on the way.

Secure and safe transactions:

Never need to worry anymore about unsafe payments. We got your back with our secure and certified RC transfers.

We arrange your paperwork:

Never worry about the hassle of doing paperwork. Just bring the required documents and we will do the rest.

If You are looking for Selling, buying and exchanging your car then You are at your Destination.

Awan Trading will help you to Buy and Sell vehicles in a very few simple process

Find new car as per demand

Import Regulations for Used Cars

Year Restriction:

Each country has its own restrictions and requirements when it comes to shipping a vehicle. In some cases, it may even be prohibited to import a car, which means you won’t be able to bring your car along for your international move. Certain countries may also have restrictions on the milage or value of the car, So Don't Forget to Check Your Country Restrictions before Import & Export a vehicle.

Import Duty:

This section is for basic information for the benefit and use of taxpayers seeking to import vehicles. documents outlines the conditions laid down under Import Policy Order and the structure of the duty and taxes. So Don't Forget to Check Your Country Restrictions On Import Duty Taxes before Import & Export a vehicle.


All necessary documents; original B/L (Bill of Lading) and export certificates will be sent to customers by DHL when full payment is settled for the purchased units.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free online evaluation work? On www.awantrading.com, get an estimate for your required car by following these steps

1: You need to enter the make, model, and year of the car you want to purchase From us.
2: Provide us with some more basic information, so we can know about what specs you want i.e. Color, CC, full option, or standard?
3: Based on this information, we will provide you with an estimated value for your vehicle Available at Awan Trading. The online estimate is based on the car’s overall condition.

Secure Payment Processing:

Now that you have inspected your car, you will make a purchase offer. Once we accept the offer, and your payment is verified (through Pay Order)

we will transfer ownership of your car as soon as possible…meanwhile you enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee with us!

Is it mandatory to book an appointment?

It is not mandatory to book an appointment, however, we do recommend you book an appointment to save on waiting time, our inspector will know more about your car and will be able to make you an offer quicker!

How to Request More Info about Vehicle at Awan Trading?

Simply go to the Budget Cars section/page and choose your favorite one, then you can click on Request More Info, and get all vehicle information on your Gmail and phone via Call.

Can I Make offer on vehicle?

Yes, you can easily make an offer on your favorite vehicle, just choose the “Make an Offer” section and you can do it.

Can I Schedule a Test Drive?

Yes, You can Schedule Test Drive on your favorite vehicle at your provided location.

(Schedule Test Drive opt is available)

Is my Registration will Expire after some time?

No, Your Registration will not expire after a few time