Nissan 350z

Nissan 350z

Today we are presenting the review of the Nissan 350z, which is a sports car. This car remained in the market from 2002 to 2009. The company launched this car with a 3500cc engine mated with both 6-speed manual and automatic transmission.

Purchase Decision, Price: 

The owner bought this car in Rs2.6million; while discussing the choices, he said there was also EVO, but he wanted this car. He further said that he searched this car for quite some time, found it on PakWheels, and bought it.

Key Features of Nissan 350z: 

Nissan 350z comes with a BOSE sound system and installed TV. Furthermore, this car’s engine power is exceptional and considered very good for drifting as it is a rear-wheel drive

Fuel Average: 

The owner said that with drifting and high-speed driving, this car gives an average of 4.5 kilometers per liter, while on a long route, the average goes to up to 9 kilometers/liter.

Parts Availability of Nissan 350z: 

The parts of this car are not readily available. The owner said specific shops have parts of this car, but mostly you have to import them from Japan or Dubai.

Oil Change Cost: 

The owner said he changed its oil, air, and oil filters after 8-10,000 kilometers at Rs15-18,000. According to him, its filters are readily available in the local market.

Ground Clearance of Nissan 350z: 

As it is a sports car, there is an issue of ground clearance on local roads. As per the owner, he has to tilt the car while going over speed breakers.

Car’s Drive: 

According to the owner, the car has good speed, but more importantly, it is a very stable car. The vehicle also has very good traction control. However, the owner thinks that its brakes are not so good. “This car has a speed limit of 187 kilometers/hour, and I have not gotten it delimited,” the owner said.

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